Our goal at TeraHelion is to help take your IoT idea from a seed to a fully grown product in a blink of an eye. Our core group of talented engineers brings a full stack set of skills and services that enable our customers to accomplish their business goals in record time. We provide both Firmware and Hardware solutions aimed towards the IoT and embedded fields.

TeraHelion provides solutions at every step of product development, from Ideation to proof of concept all the way to full product development, manufacturing and certification.

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What we bring to the table

Rapid Prototyping services

Need help getting your idea from the drawing board to reality? Need something quick to impress investors? Want a low cost prototype to validate an idea? We are here to help! We at TeraHelion specializes in swiftly creating prototypes while not breaking the bank.

Complete market ready products

Need help getting your prototype to the next level? Time to take your product to the market? Confused about FCC/UL certification, design for manufacturing, CI, FOTA and fleet monitoring? We at TeraHelion have many years of experience at launching IoT products. and will guide you every step fo the way


"Working with TeraHelion solutions is overall an enjoyable experience, it's evident in the way they approach problems that they have extensive experience in Embedded system design and Automation. They are quick to respond to inquiries and very professional" - BattGenie Inc.

“TeraHelion Solutions has a way of translating technical requirements into sensible and cost conscious solutions. They are friendly yet professional and a pleasure to work with.” - Kennedy Ventures

“TeraHelion Solutions helped us conduct market analysis research for our new patented semiconductor memory. They seamlessly translated the physical properties of our invention into targeted niches within the MCU market space which ultimately better helped us target investors.“ - Surface Science, SFU

"TeraHelion was a great help to us when we needed additional software engineering resources for a project that not only needed coding but also a great deal of work defining the detailed requirements, protocols, state machines and even aspects of the hardware design. The project successfully passed the first round, low-level testing and is now undergoing application-level testing." - Shift Clean Energy

"We have worked with TeraHelion Solutions to implement various aspects of our design. Among other things, these include adding AWS IoT functionality to various real time sensors. We enjoy working with TeraHelion Solutions because we know we are in good, experienced hands." - Leafi

“TeraHelion solutions designed our UWB/BLE Covid Tracking solution as well as the AWS Ingress. TeraHelion exceeded our requirements – friendly, polite and on schedule, we are looking forward to future projects” - WeHealth


Cloud Solutions

Leveraging cloud computing, our in-field devices are small and cheap. Heavy computational work is offloaded to the cloud. We try to always keep our cloud services serverless to reduce customers costs.



We employ FreeRTOS, bare-metal and Zephyr in our embedded systems.


Android Applications

We offer native Android App design. This includes simple data visualization to interacting and actuating deployed devices as well as BLE functionality.


Linux SOMs

TeraHelion has deployed both Ubuntu and Yocto based SOMs for applications such as machine learning and analysis at the edge as well as BMSs


Data Crunching

Deploying a wide range of advanced mathematical methods, we work with our customers to unlock the business potential of Big Data.


Rapid prototyping

We offer rapid prototyping at a competitive price, this allows our customers to quickly try out solutions before committing sizable resources.


Wireless Protocols

We have experience with using LoraWAN, ZigBee, LTE, NB-IoT, WiFi, BLE and many more


Simple Workflow

Under one roof, we offer everything our customers need to quickly prototype, validate and deploy custom IoT solution. We value engineers who can wear multiple hats.


Custom visualization

Once we collect the data, we offer a wide range of ways to present the data to customers - from websites to Apps.

Flexible Pricing Models

We offer both hourly and per project pricing models. Feel free to contact us at to learn more.

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